Girder forks

We manufacture our own range of Girder forks in diamond section steeland can supply these in any length from stock to 20 inch overstock and are also available in narrow or wide-glide.

Our forks can be suplied in raw steel for you to weld on your own brake and mudguard mounts or fully finished with a choice of powder coat or chrome.

The forks shown are 8 inch overstock single shock wide-glide set up for a MazChopz Snake-Neck soft tail frame with optional high-level headlight mount, single brake caliper mount and mudguard mounts.

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  1. Hi MazChopz!
    I’ll keep it short…
    I live in Sweden and is looking for a web- or druid-fork for my -92 FXSTC. Working as a welding repairman with some blacksmith skills would make it possible to build my own fork. On the other hand I don’t know ANY measures for linkage, tripple-trees or springs… I’d also like to buy a fork from You (would be a lot easier for me) but, the shipping and toll would probably be as expensive as the fork itself…
    So, could I buy a plan/blueprint from You?

    • maz says:

      Hi, nice to hear from Sweden. Our forks are custom made for each application so it would be easy enough to go to web or druid design over the basic forks. We don’t usually sell plans or blueprints but if you email me at then we can discuss what you want and what it would cost.


  2. Hervé LePabic says:

    Hi. I have been looking for a girder front end forever. I want to get one for my 2010 Harley Davidson FXDB Street Bob. Basically, I want to keep it as stock as possible, wheel, brake, rake, ride height, handle bars, headlight and so on. Fender would be optional. Can you make one for me, assembled and power coated in satin black?

  3. Animal SOMC says:

    Hey bro I am in the process of bobbing my flh . I am looking for a wide girder fork to complete the ol skool look . This would be a stock to maybe 3 over fork . I would also like a single disc mount . no fender tabs . Looks like you have what Im looking for and looking to get a ball park price , thanks looking forward to working with you on this project .

    • maz says:

      Hi Animal, yes we can certainly do a wide-glide girder front end for your FLH. All our products are custom made for each individual project so probably best to give me a call on 01934 641515 or 07980 599394 (we work Tuesday to Saturday) or email me at and we can discuss your exact requirements and work out an exact price for you.

      Cheers Maz

  4. Paul Duggan says:

    Hello Maz,
    I would like to attempt to bob my old CX500. Some things I really want are a drum brake up front, an old Brooks sprung leather saddle and a girder front end. The girder bit is the thing that puts me off as the rumours are that I’ll have to sell the wife and the cat to get one. Most other things I can get hold of , but girders that are substantial enough for the weight mean I can’t use an old set from a 1940 british bike. I would like a kind of ball park figure for girders of a length to replace the stock items, to come unfinished so I can weld on lugs etc, and wide enough to accept an old Kwaka H1 drum insie a 19″ rim. At least with your answer I can make a decision either way. Or is there a cheaper alternative.

    • maz says:

      Hi Paul, we can make you a custom set of girders to do exactly as you want – happy to supply them “raw” and unfinished if you have the means to weld on your own brackets and stuff. We don’t do an “off-the-shelf” price as all our products are made to order to each individual requirement. Can you telephone (01934 641515) or email me at so we can discuss in detail and I can work out an accurate price for you? Cheers, Maz

  5. Aaron says:

    I am very interested in having a girder front end made similar to the style of the Vincent Black Lightning front end. Instead of a conventional spring I am interested in having a Fox Float CTD shock used for a bit of a more modern take on it. The frame is for a 2008 HD XL1200N I would like for it to be the same length as the factory front end.


    • maz says:

      That is a very interesting idea and I would like to have a long chat with you about this before I could give you an idea of cost…..


  6. matt says:

    Chasing the same as Marc guys. XS650.

    • maz says:

      All our front ends are made to order and to individual requirements so you need to call us or drop us an email so we can discuss exactly what you need.


  7. Ben Watson says:

    Hi Maz
    Im going to be looking at knocking up a set of girder forks myself soon would you consider letting me have the details / plans of these to base mine on for a fee of course…
    i just cant be arsed to work out the shock type and all the dimensions lol
    no worries if you cant.

    • maz says:

      Hey Ben, happy to discuss with you if you haven’t sorted it yet. Best to give me a call or drop me an email so we can discuss in detail.


  8. marc antoine says:

    hi guys , im building a yamaha xs650 and i really like the girder forks look , i was wondering how much they are and if its possible , i’m planning on running a 18 in the front 2.15 wide ,

    thanks for your time


  9. Rex says:

    Was just looking for a quote on a girder front end.

    Basically I want it unfinished (no lugs for mudguard or disk brake, no paint) and 28″ from top of yoke to axle, with 5″ width for the wheel.

    What sort of round about cost would that be?

    Cheers- REX

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